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How much digital does my events business need?

Collingwoood Advisory will be hosting a webinar to help organisers determine how much digital their events need.

Collingwood senior Adviser Darren Johnson will be hosting the discussion alongside Collingwood VP North America Debra Chipman and guest speakers IMEX CEO Carina Bauer and Hyve  group strategy director Jessica Natinsky in the webinar on Tuesday 5 July, at 2pm.

  • Discussion will include: What are the new ‘rules of engagement’ for face to face events and how far does this affect scaleup opportunities?
  • Where has digital driven the most value over the last two years?
  • What is the role of both digital and face to face interactions in delivering a community model
  • What are sponsor expectations and value derived from digital communication vs face to face?
  • How do you calculate the optimal mix of platforms and channels for your audience and for exit plans?

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