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Mastering Lead Capture: Unleashing the Power of Offline Trade Events with These Top Tools

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Elevating Trade Show Impact: A Deep Dive into Cvent LeadCapture, Social Tables, and iCapture

Mastering lead capture and efficient event management is crucial for success in the dynamic world of trade shows and events. That’s where tools like Cvent LeadCapture, Social Tables, and iCapture come into play.

Each offers unique features to revolutionise how we handle trade show dynamics. Our journey with these three tools has been fascinating, enabling us to provide you with more tools and knowledge to maximise your tradeshow ROI.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the strengths of Cvent LeadCapture, Social Tables, and iCapture and share insights from our hands-on experience with these top-notch tools.

Join us as we unpack how they can power up your offsite event follow-up strategies.

Cvent LeadCapture

We recently had the opportunity to use Cvent LeadCapture. I must say it is a fantastic tool and a valuable asset in streamlining lead management efforts and maximising the return on our trade show investment.

One of the standout features of Cvent LeadCapture is its ease of use. Setting up the tool was a breeze, and we were able to quickly customise the lead capture forms to align with our specific requirements. The option to scan attendee badges or use QR codes for quick data capture was a game-changer, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing errors.

Lead qualification became much simpler with Cvent LeadCapture. You’re able to add custom qualifiers and tags to categorise and prioritise leads on the spot. This feature allows you to identify high-value prospects and ensure a prompt follow-up process. The seamless integration with many CRM systems ensures leads are automatically synced, saving valuable time and ensuring data accuracy – big result!

The reporting and analytics capabilities of Cvent LeadCapture are impressive. The tool provides detailed insights into the number of leads captured, lead sources, and other key metrics. This information enables you to assess the success of lead generation efforts to make data-driven decisions and measure the ROI of our trade show participation.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the customer support provided by Cvent. Whenever we encountered any questions or needed assistance, their support team was prompt, knowledgeable, and readily available to help us navigate through any challenges.

While Cvent LeadCapture offers a robust set of features, there were a couple of minor areas where we felt there could be room for improvement. For instance, the user interface, while functional, could benefit from a more modern and intuitive design. Additionally, the pricing structure might be a consideration for smaller businesses, as it leans towards the higher end of the spectrum.

In summary, Cvent LeadCapture proved to be an invaluable tool for our trade show lead-capture efforts. It streamlined processes, enhanced lead qualification, and provided valuable insights to measure trade show success. With a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, Cvent LeadCapture is a worthy investment for businesses looking to maximise their ROI from trade show participation.


Social Tables

Social Tables is an event management platform that offers a range of tools and features designed to simplify the planning, organisation, and execution of events, including conferences, meetings, and trade shows.

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features proved to be a good platform for managing events of various scales and complexities.

One of the standout features of Social Tables is its intuitive floor plan management tool. The drag-and-drop functionality allowed us to easily create and customise event layouts and seating arrangements according to our specific requirements. The platform provided a wide range of templates and options, making it easy to adapt to different event spaces and configurations.

Collaborative planning was made seamless. The platform allows you to invite team members and stakeholders to collaborate on the event details. This collaborative approach ensures everyone has access to the latest updates, and you can easily communicate and coordinate with all involved parties. The real-time collaboration feature was particularly useful in reducing miscommunications and ensuring a smooth planning process.

Guest management and seating arrangement features in Social Tables were also impressive. We were able to create guest lists, send invitations, and manage RSVPs within the platform. The seating management feature made it simple to assign seats and tables, taking into consideration guest preferences and special requirements. This streamlined the entire guest management process, allowing us to efficiently handle attendee details.

Event diagramming and visualisation tools provided by Social Tables were invaluable in communicating event setup to vendors, staff, and other stakeholders. Creating detailed event diagrams, including table layouts, stages, and AV setups, was straightforward and helped ensure a clear understanding of the event setup. This feature saves massive amounts of time and minimises the chances of miscommunication during the execution phase.

Social Tables also offer reporting and analytics features that allow you to track and measure the success of events. The platform provided valuable insights into guest attendance, seating utilisation, and other relevant metrics. This information is crucial for evaluating event performance and making data-driven decisions for future events.

While Social Tables offers a robust set of features, there were a few areas where we felt there could be room for improvement. The platform occasionally experienced minor performance issues, such as slow loading times, especially when working with larger events or complex floor plans. Additionally, some advanced customization options for event layouts and templates would have been beneficial.

In summary, Social Tables proved to be a valuable tool for event planning and management. Its user-friendly interface, collaborative features, and comprehensive event management capabilities help streamline the planning processes and enhance coordination. With its floor plan management, guest management, event diagramming, and reporting features, Social Tables is a reliable platform for organising successful events.



iCapture is a lead capture and management solution designed to help businesses capture and qualify leads at trade shows, events, and other marketing activities. The platform offers various tools and features to streamline the lead capture process and maximise the ROI of marketing efforts. It also boasts some impressive accolades!


With iCapture, businesses can create customised lead capture forms using a drag-and-drop interface. These forms can be displayed on tablets or mobile devices, allowing exhibitors to easily collect lead information from event attendees. The platform supports capturing data through various methods such as manual entry, scanning business cards, scanning badges, or using QR codes.

One of the standout features of iCapture is its flexibility in creating customised lead capture forms. The drag-and-drop interface made it easy to design and tailor forms to our specific requirements. Whether you want to collect data through manual entry, scanning business cards, badges, or QR codes, iCapture provides the necessary tools for seamless data collection.

What sets iCapture apart is its offline lead capture capability. This feature proved to be invaluable, especially in environments where internet connectivity was limited or unreliable. The ability to capture leads offline and synchronise them automatically when an internet connection was available ensured that no leads were lost, maintaining data integrity and continuity.

The lead qualification and scoring features offered by iCapture were particularly beneficial. We were able to define specific criteria to categorise and prioritise leads based on their potential value. This allowed us to identify high-priority prospects and allocate resources effectively for follow-up, improving the chances of conversion and maximising ROI.

iCapture’s integration with popular CRM systems was seamless, enabling us to effortlessly transfer captured leads into our existing CRM database. This integration eliminated manual data entry, saving us time and reducing the risk of errors. It facilitated a smooth transition from lead capture to the sales team for further nurturing and conversion.

Furthermore, iCapture provided robust reporting and analytics capabilities. The platform generated comprehensive insights and metrics, allowing us to assess the success of our lead-generation efforts. Key metrics such as the number of leads captured, conversion rates, and other relevant data points provided valuable insights for measuring ROI and making informed marketing decisions.

While iCapture offers a range of powerful features, there were a couple of areas where we felt there could be room for improvement. The customisation options for form design, while adequate, could benefit from additional flexibility and advanced features. Additionally, the user interface, while generally user-friendly, could be enhanced with a more modern and intuitive design.

In summary, iCapture is a valuable lead capture and management solution that excels in simplifying the lead capture process and optimising lead generation efforts. With its customisable forms, offline capabilities, lead qualification features, and CRM integration, iCapture empowers businesses to capture and manage leads effectively, ultimately enhancing the overall success of marketing activities.

The Roundup

Each offered unique features that significantly enhanced efficiency.

Cvent LeadCapture: This tool excelled in streamlining lead management. Its ease of use, customisable lead capture forms, and innovative features like badge scanning and QR codes made data collection efficient and error-free.

Adding custom qualifiers aided in immediate lead prioritisation, while its integration with CRM systems and detailed analytics provided valuable insights for measuring trade show success. Despite its impressive functionality, areas like user interface and pricing structure could be improved.

Social Tables: As an event management platform, Social Tables impressed us with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features.

The intuitive floor plan management tool simplified layout creation, while collaborative planning features facilitated coordination with team members and stakeholders. The guest management and seating arrangement tools streamlined attendee handling, and the platform’s event diagramming and visualisation tools ensured clear communication with vendors and staff.

While generally robust, we noted minor performance issues and a desire for more advanced customisation options.

iCapture: This lead capture and management solution stood out for its flexibility and offline capabilities. 

Customisable forms were easily created and displayed on various devices, accommodating different data capture methods. 

Additionally, the platform’s lead qualification and scoring features improved follow-up process efficiency.

Seamless CRM integration and robust reporting capabilities provided actionable insights.

However, enhancements in form design customisation and a more modern interface would further improve its effectiveness.

In conclusion, each of these tools has its own merits and valuable contributions in helping businesses more effectively capture leads at trade shows and events. We will let you be the judge.

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