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Solar and Storage Live 2024

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One phrase you may have heard in public discussion over the past few years is “energy transition.” Simply put, this phrase relates to how the world is making the important move away from fossil fuel-based energy sources to more renewable sources that protect the environment. As the urgency to move toward a cleaner future grows stronger, so does the clean energy industry. What better way to explore it than with Solar and Storage Live?

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Widely regarded as one of the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibitions, Solar and Storage Live is a fascinating annual exhibition event that showcases cutting-edge products, technologies, and services in the renewable energy sector. Whether you are a CEO, a marketing manager, an event planner, a solar energy installer, or simply someone passionate about clean energy, Solar and Storage Live provides invaluable expertise and networking opportunities for navigating the renewable energy market.

Dates and venue

Solar and Storage Live is an annual event held at the esteemed National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham. The next event is scheduled for September 24th—26th, 2024. The show is free to attend, but visitors must register for a free entry ticket.

Located in Marston Green, the award-winning NEC Birmingham is the biggest exhibition venue in the United Kingdom. The NEC has a total indoor exhibition space of 182,000 square meters (approximately 1,960,000 square feet) and 20 interconnected halls ranging from 2,700 to 18,000 square meters (29,000 to 194,000 square feet). The venue also has 34 conference suites and numerous outdoor spaces.

The NEC hosts over 500 events annually, attracting around 2.4 million visitors. These events include trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and live events spanning various industries, such as automotive, technology, leisure, and entertainment.

The NEC is strategically located:

  • 5 minutes from Birmingham International Airport
  • 5 minutes from Birmingham International Railway Station
  • 5 minutes from the M42 motorway
  • 10 minutes from the M6 motorway

The NEC has made significant efforts to improve its sustainability. It has reduced its carbon footprint by 77% since 2010 and aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. The venue also has a waste recycling rate of over 50%.

Nec Birmingham Venue

Now that we’ve covered the impressive venue hosting Solar and Storage Live, let’s dive into the event’s history and what makes it such a significant exhibition in the renewable energy sector.

Event outline and history

Solar and Storage Live is one of many trade shows pioneered by global events company Terrapinn, which promotes events about technologies that can change people’s lives. Solar and Storage Live is exactly that: a trade show for thinkers, installers, industry leaders, and traders working in the renewable energy sector. Together, they hope to advance the adoption of cleaner energy solutions and address the UK’s ongoing energy crisis.

Terrapinn has presided over several other events focused on different forms of renewable energy, including those for the electric vehicle, wind power, and electricity sectors. Unlike those trade shows, this particular exhibition focuses more on solar technology and other energy storage systems.

What to expect from the Solar and Storage Live exhibition

In addition to the latest products and services in the solar industry, the show also offers a whole host of additional feature events and special zones. For the 2024 show, attendees can expect a groundbreaking installer training hub, the annual Solar and Storage Live awards ceremony, and a high-level conference presented by key stakeholders in the industry.

Products and services

With so much space available at the NEC, Solar and Storage Live features a truly massive selection of products and services from businesses working with Solar Photovoltaics (PV), battery storage, electrical distribution, and other complimentary technologies. Both solar systems and different kinds of battery storage systems dominate the share of physical products; they are joined by expert installers who work with these products on a daily basis.

Solar Panel, Installation, Worker


The 2024 exhibition promises a few special feature events to engage with, including a special recruitment zone, women in energy mixer, and installer hub. Each event is free but requires booking in advance.


This feature event will see some of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies offering over 100 job vacancies to those looking for a career change.


For the third time since the show’s inception, the 2024 Solar and Storage Live will feature an expert installation training hub led by some of the industry’s leading installers.

Solar Panel On Display


Organised in conjunction with PowerFUL Women, this feature will include a riveting talk on female professionals making their mark in the solar energy industry.

Final thoughts

With the UK making a rapid energy transition toward a more environmentally friendly future, Solar and Storage Live is now more relevant than ever. It remains an exciting renewable energy exhibition designed to keep you and your business ahead of the curve when managing solar PV and other energy storage systems.

If you’re looking to exhibit at this year’s show, consider sending us a message. With plenty of years of experience in crafting quality stands for energy and installer exhibitions, we at Booth Exhibits™ would love to help you create the perfect display to elevate your business to new heights.

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