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Shell scheme stands

Why choose a shell scheme?

Stand out from the competition and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience with Booth Exhibits™. Elevate your exhibition stand by tailoring your shell scheme stand to your unique vision for your brand.

Enhance your booth’s visual appeal by incorporating branding and captivating graphics. Take it a step further by integrating interactive elements, stylish furniture, and enticing accessories, ensuring an inviting and engaging presence.

Our shell scheme exhibition stands are known for their versatility, convenience, and flexibility, making them a top choice for your exhibition needs.

All the versatility you need

Crafted from a framework of lightweight aluminium poles and panels, a shell scheme stand offers a solid and polished foundation for your presentation. Its understated design allows you to shine the spotlight on your products or services, presenting them in the most favourable way.

Moreover, the modular nature and adaptability of the shell scheme stand make it easy to customise and tweak to fit various exhibition spaces and layouts. That means more options and less stress for you – what a bonus!

A price that fits
your budget

One standout benefit of a shell scheme stand is its cost-effectiveness. Opting for a shell scheme stand eliminates the need for the hefty expenses associated with designing and building a custom exhibition display from the ground up.
While a shell scheme stand offers a foundational framework for your exhibition presentation, the beauty lies in the myriad options available to personalise it, allowing you to craft a space that perfectly embodies your brand and message.

Use shell scheme graphics to transform your space

Turn your shell scheme stand into a showstopper by infusing it with your unique branding and captivating visuals. Your corporate logo, product images, or promotional materials can be expertly printed onto shell scheme graphic panels, resulting in a captivating and engaging display.
By outfitting your exhibition stand with comfortable seating, stylish tables, eye-catching displays, and just the right lighting, you’ll craft a welcoming and cosy atmosphere that’s sure to inspire your visitors.

Don't just be seen – be remembered

Give your shell scheme stand a cool twist by adding interactive elements like touchscreens, exciting product demos, and fun games. These act like a magnet for visitors and ensure they have a blast at your stand!

To add a touch of flair, consider swapping out the standard flooring of your shell scheme for something custom or uniquely designed. It’s like giving your exhibit a stylish makeover that’s sure to catch the eye.

Shell scheme stands for a greener tomorrow

At Booth Exhibits™, we firmly believe in the vital role that the business industry can play in achieving a net-zero future, and we’re committed to making our own contribution. Our modular exhibition stands are typically crafted from lightweight, sustainable materials that can be reused and recycled.

Unlike traditional custom-built stands, our modular systems can be effortlessly taken apart and transported to various events, minimising the environmental impact of shipping and cutting down on waste.
What’s more, the modular design gives you the flexibility to add or remove elements from your stand as needed, significantly reducing material waste and carbon emissions linked to traditional exhibition builds. It’s a win-win for your business and the planet.
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