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Crafting stands
is our passion

Booth Exhibits™ is the first global events agency to offer exhibitors a chance to determine their project value and detailing upfront, with no-strings-attached! Our exclusive Price Calculator lets customers take control of their project without the headache of delayed timelines and out of budget proposals. Built for exhibitors, designed with transparency.

With unified experience of more than 50 years in the events industry, Booth Exhibits™ specialises in the design, planning, execution and carbon offsetting of exhibition stands and events across the globe. With offices in the United Kingdom, USA and South Africa, let us help you with your next project.

It all started with a simple goal

We began our journey in 2015 with one focus in mind, how do we make the lives’ of exhibitors easier? Our unique formulations, partnerships and credibility give you the freedom to determine your project size, position, location and finishes at the click of a button.

We’re committed
to net zero

The most pressing issue our world is facing today is the one of climate change. From the production of materials to the transport of goods, it affects everyone and it’s in our best interests that we start to do things differently. At Booth Exhibits™, we believe that the business community is key in making this happen so we’re playing our part in the fundamental drive to achieving net zero.

committed to achieving net zero status


committed to achieving net zero status
global coverage of all major cities


global coverage of all major cities
of carbon emissions offset


of carbon emissions offset

See our process

Our process is optimised to give you the best experience for and execution of your project.
This is how we work:




We’ll jump on a call with you to talk about your project goals, event, location, and timelines so we know exactly what you’re looking for how we can help you.




Our design team will help to establish your criteria, KPI’s and brand positioning that will shape the design of your booth. Once we’ve made sure that you’re 100% happy, we will submit your designs to the event organisers, venue and our production team.




All of our booths are prebuilt in the factory. We use this production time to determine our load in schedule, on-site construction and hand-over time that we will confirm with you ahead of the show. We’re committed to delivering your booth ahead of time, every time.




Once your event has come to an end, we will recycle and reuse all elements where possible and make sure to offset our carbon emissions along with yours. We will also send you a certificate.

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