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As human beings, it is virtually impossible for us to not be attracted to music in some form or another. For centuries people have celebrated and bonded as a species over harmony, melody, and rhythm, regardless of our backgrounds or locations.

Namm Show Guitarist

Today, music is a billion-dollar global industry, and it is from this that the NAMM Show was born as the definitive U.S. exhibition for music, sound, and entertainment products. Hosted annually, this exhibition attracts a vibrant spectrum of artists, producers, manufacturers, and business leaders from across the global music scene.

Dates and venue

The NAMM Show is hosted annually in the United States and is typically held in January at the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC) in Anaheim, California. The 2025 installment will stick to this trend and take place from January 21 to January 25, but attendees must register online before the event.

Acc Venue

With a rich history dating back to 1967, the Anaheim Convention Center is as illustrious as it is dynamic. Visitors and exhibitors will be treated to a world-class exhibition center spanning 53 acres with 1.8 million square feet of function space, making the ACC the largest exhibition venue on the West Coast.

Event outline and history

For over a hundred years, the NAMM Show has been organized by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the non-profit U.S. trade association dedicated to the music industry. This organization has a long and rich history dating back to 1901, when it was first formed as the National Association of Piano Dealers of America (NAPDA). Almost twenty years later, the NAPDA became the NAMM, and the event was renamed the NAMM Convention.

Entrance To The Namm Show At Anaheim

In the 1970s, the NAMM ran its first-ever California music convention in Anaheim. In 2003, this convention was renamed to the NAMM Show and has since welcomed many attendees. Recently, the exhibition received 100,000 visitors during the January 2020 event alone.

What to expect from the NAMM Show exhibition

Since its foundation over a century ago, the NAMM Show has maintained its reputation as one of the top music exhibitions for new products in the United States and beyond. Attendees of the 2025 show will discover stunning stand displays, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities.

Products and services

Among but a few others, most of the physical items on display at the NAMM show will be musical products like instruments, musical accessories, pieces of sound equipment, recording systems, and music software. Together they will be marketed by some of the biggest brands in the industry, including the likes of Sony and D’Addario. From guitars and pianos to drums and synthesizers, the 2025 exhibition is sure to have it all.

Keyboard At The Namm Show



In addition to the eye-catching displays on the show floor, the 2025 NAMM exhibition will once again feature the show’s trademark awards ceremonies. Designed to give credit to some of truly ingenious exhibitors, the ceremonies will feature several awards, including:

Best in Show Award

A truly prestigious award for every outstanding business or product on display, as decided by a panel of professional judges.

Top 100 Dealers Award

For all the music product retailers in attendance who put in the extra effort, this award will be a rewarding achievement. Only the best of the best NAMM exhibitors will make it into this worldwide ranking.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking to access the latest music products and audio technology or simply want to connect with the world’s top musical artists, the NAMM Show is a must-visit event that caters to the high tempo and diversity of the modern music industry.

At Booth Exhibits™, we would love to make your NAMM show experience truly unforgettable. If you’re interested in exhibiting, why not connect with us and try our free online price calculator? We look forward to helping you design an exhibition stand that truly inspires.

Patrick Wells
Founder & CEO, Booth Exhibits™
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