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World Of Concrete

World of Concrete Las Vegas Booth Exhibits

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Las Vegas is known for many things, including its fancy resorts, bustling nightlife, and dazzling gaming industry. For those in the global construction industry, Vegas is widely renowned as the host of the World of Concrete, the premier annual international event dedicated to masonry and concrete!

Since its inception, the World of Concrete has become a multifaceted platform for global concrete and masonry professionals to connect, learn, and grow their businesses. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the concrete and masonry industries with featured educational sessions led by industry experts.

Dates and venue

The 2025 edition of this comprehensive event will be held from 21 to 23 January at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Nevada. Remember that visitors must register online before the event, for onsite registration will not be permitted.

The Las Vegas Convention Centre

Any premier world-leading exhibition show requires an equally world-class exhibition venue; this is exactly what the World of Concrete organizers had in mind when they selected the Las Vegas Convention Center. Founded in 1959, the LVCC is one of the largest exhibition venues in the world, featuring roughly 2,000,000 square feet worth of exhibition space and an innovative underground shuttle system.

Event outline and history

Co-sponsored by several commercial construction companies, the World of Concrete is one of many brands that now belong to the British publishing and exhibitions group Informa plc. Founded in 1975, the event was held in Texas and was owned by Hanley Wood for most of its history until its sale to Informa in 2014.

Setting Up The World Of Concrete Exhibition

Today, the exhibition is one of the most successful in the country; over 60,000 paid visitors were in attendance at the 2024 Las Vegas event.

What to expect from the World of Concrete exhibition

In 2025, the World of Concrete exhibition will use as much space as possible to deliver a varied yet successful event. Over 1000 companies from the concrete and masonry construction industry will run indoor and outdoor exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center for visitors to interact with.

World of Concrete continues to serve as a hub for exploration and innovation as leading exhibitors announced new products on the show floor, administering first-time reveals of new software, tools and machinery poised to increase efficiencies and safety,” show organzers highlighted. This underscores the event’s importance as a place for concrete professionals to discover the latest advancements that can give their businesses a competitive edge.

In addition, the 2025 show will feature an online merch marketplace and its famous education and training seminars. The latter are designed for beginners and experts alike and are run alongside the main event; they are an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn vital construction skills related to technical applications, business best practices, project management, and safety.


With most exhibitors being global concrete suppliers, retailers, and leading manufacturers, visitors can anticipate innovative products from the world of commercial concrete. These include cement, mixers, vehicles, scaffolding, tools, waterproofing, workwear, and much more.

Cement Truck On Show At The World Of Concrete


Outside of the widely regarded education and training seminars, the World of Concrete 2025 will also host a selection of exhilarating feature events in addition to the main exhibition. Two exciting ones to look forward to in 2025 are the Decorative Concrete LIVE! and the MCAA Masonry Skills Challenge:

Decorative Concrete LIVE

One of a few outdoor events, Decorative Concrete LIVE! Features multiple industry experts showcasing methods for transforming basic concrete into finely finished, decorative showpieces.

MCAA Masonry Skills Challenge

Another engaging and exciting outdoor competition is the MCAA Masonry Skills Challenge, where masonry apprentices of different year levels can demonstrate their skills. Challengers will have to tackle a surprise project with no prior preparation, with prizes awarded to the best performers.

Final thoughts

If you’re in the concrete industry and looking to stay ahead of the latest trends, enhance your skills with cutting-edge techniques, and network with other industry professionals, then the World of Concrete is the place to be!

At Booth Exhibits™, we have all the knowledge and experience required to help you achieve your exhibition objectives at an event like the World of Concrete. We would love to work with you, so contact us if you plan on exhibiting in Las Vegas.

Patrick Wells
Founder & CEO, Booth Exhibits™
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