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Set yourself apart from the competition and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience by customising your shell scheme stand with Booth Exhibits™. Make your exhibition display more memorable and visually appealing by adding branding and graphics. Take it further by including interactive elements, furniture, and accessories to ensure your stand is inviting and engaging.

Boasting versatility, convenience, and customisability, rented shell scheme exhibition stands are one of the most desirable options for exhibitors. These prefabricated booths provide a straightforward, hassle-free event solution.

Shell Scheme GSMA Exhibition Stand


Constructed from a framework of lightweight aluminium poles and panels, a shell scheme stand provides a structured and professional backdrop for your exhibition display. Its neutral design lets you focus on showcasing your products or services in the best possible light. Furthermore, the shell scheme stand’s modular form and versatility enable it to be adjusted and modified to suit a range of exhibition spaces and layouts.

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand 3

Cost Effective

Cost efficiency is one of the most significant advantages of a shell scheme stand; renting a pre-constructed stand avoids the expenses of designing and constructing a custom exhibition display from scratch. While a shell scheme stand provides a basic framework for your exhibition display, there are numerous possibilities to customise the stand to showcase your brand and message.

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand 2

Transform Your Space

Transform your shell scheme stand into an unforgettable exhibition with personalised branding and visuals. Your corporate logo, product pictures, or promotional materials can be printed onto the panels to create a captivating and harmonised display.

Furnishing your exhibition booth with comfortable seating, tables, eye-catching displays, and appropriate lighting can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your visitors.

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand 1

Enhance Visibility

Give your shell scheme stand an edge by introducing interactive components such as touchscreens, product demonstrations, and exciting games. This will entice visitors and make their experience at your stand memorable.

For a more polished presentation, consider upgrading from a shell scheme stand’s standard flooring to a custom material or design.

Customising your shell exhibition stand with Booth Exhibits™ offers numerous benefits for your business. With the help of our experienced designers, you can leverage your stand’s potential and design an area that encourages communication and engagement.

Let’s get creative and explore the possibilities to give your brand the visibility and attention it deserves.

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