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ExCel London exhibition stand designers

Welcome to London ExCeL

London ExCeL, a global powerhouse in event hosting, has solidified its status as a premier international venue. Hosting prestigious conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows, ExCeL attracts a discerning audience of industry leaders, professionals, and decision-makers.

Exhibiting at ExCeL offers a passport to global recognition and exposure on an unparalleled scale.

Your London ExCel exhibit, elevated with Booth Exhibits™

Booth Exhibits™ is your dedicated partner for creating show-stopping exhibition stands at ExCeL.

Our diverse array of stands, from custom-built marvels to modular wonders, shell scheme solutions, and sustainable options, is meticulously designed to shine in ExCeL’s distinctive ambience.

Custom exhibition stands

Embark on a visual journey with our custom-built stands crafted to transform your brand into a captivating experience at ExCel. Our experts collaborate with you to design a stand that meets and exceeds your objectives.

Modular exhibition stands

Flexibility meets innovation with our modular stands, allowing you to mould your booth to fit seamlessly into different spaces and layouts within ExCel. Your exhibition presence becomes a dynamic force, adapting effortlessly to ExCel’s diverse range of events.


Elevate your brand within ExCeL London’s dynamic spaces. We’ll transform blank canvases into branded environments that mirror your company’s identity. From vibrant networking lounges to innovative meeting spaces, we’ll craft an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

Shell scheme exhibition stands

Effortless professionalism takes centre stage with our shell scheme, a ready-to-use solution that maintains a polished appearance. Easily brand and customise modular panels to seamlessly integrate your identity within the NEC.

Green: the better way to do business

Join us in championing sustainability! Our eco-friendly stands, designed with conscious materials and practices, align perfectly with ExCeL’s focus on environmental responsibility.

Our sustainable stands allow you to demonstrate your commitment to the environment while attracting like-minded attendees.

Why ExCeL?

ExCeL London: Stunning Architecture on the Waterfront Designed by award-winning architects, ExCeL London is a striking exhibition centre on the Royal Victoria Dock.

ExCeL’s sleek glass facades and waterfront location create a unique atmosphere. Offering breathtaking views and versatile spaces for events, the modern design and stunning setting make ExCeL a truly remarkable venue.

Services and amenities
setting the stage for success

ExCeL offers a vast range of event spaces, accommodating exhibitions of all sizes and types. With over 100,000 square metres of space, exhibitors have ample room to create engaging and immersive displays.
Exhibitors can effectively showcase products and services, facilitating seamless digital interactions and presentations by utilising state-of-the-art AV systems, high-speed Wi-Fi, and advanced lighting.

Unrivalled accessibility

ExCeL’s excellence extends to accessibility. It is well-served by the DLR, London Underground, and multiple bus routes, coupled with proximity to London City Airport, ensuring seamless access for international travellers.

All your exhibition needs

London ExCel’s compelling package makes it ideal for your company’s exhibition needs.

From a central location to excellent infrastructure, a reputable image, comprehensive support services, a thriving business ecosystem, and excellent amenities – ExCel has it all for successful exhibitions.
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