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Austin Convention Center

Discover the Heart of Austin at the Austin Convention Center

The Austin Convention Center (ACC), situated in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, has earned its reputation as a premier destination for groundbreaking events.

Welcoming an array of conventions, trade shows, and exhibitions, the ACC draws an eclectic mix of industry leaders, innovators, and influential attendees. The Texas State Capitol and 6th Street Entertainment District make it the perfect venue to showcase your brand to a targeted and engaged audience.

Elevate your ACC exhibit with Booth Exhibits™

As your trusted ally in creating captivating exhibition stands at the Austin Convention Center, Booth Exhibits™ offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the venue’s distinct ambiance. Our meticulously designed stands, including bespoke creations, adaptable modular options, boutique event solutions, and environmentally conscious choices, are crafted to leave a lasting impression within the ACC’s unique setting.

Custom exhibition stands

Embark on an immersive brand journey with our custom-designed stands tailored to transform your presence into a captivating experience at the Austin Convention Center. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to develop a stand that aligns seamlessly with your goals and exceeds expectations.

Adaptable modular stands

With our modular stands, versatility meets ingenuity, empowering you to effortlessly adapt your booth to various spaces and configurations within the ACC. Your exhibition presence becomes a flexible force, seamlessly adjusting to the diverse array of events hosted at the venue.


Effortless elegance takes the lead with our boutique event solutions – a comprehensive approach that maintains a refined and polished atmosphere. Easily customize and brand modular components to seamlessly blend your unique identity into any setting, crafting a memorable experience for your attendees.

With meticulous attention to detail in execution and exceptional service from our dedicated event specialists, we ensure that every facet of your vision is brought to life with sophistication and precision.

Shell scheme exhibition stands

Effortless professionalism takes centre stage with our shell scheme, a ready-to-use solution that maintains a polished appearance. Easily brand and customise modular panels to seamlessly integrate your identity within the NEC.

Eco-conscious exhibits – pioneering sustainability

Align your brand with the Austin Convention Center’s commitment to environmental responsibility by opting for our eco-friendly stands.

Designed using sustainable materials and practices, our green exhibits allow you to showcase your dedication to sustainability while attracting environmentally conscious attendees.

Why the Austin Convention Center?

The Austin Convention Center boasts a striking, contemporary design, expansive spaces, and cutting-edge amenities.

Its prime location in the heart of downtown Austin, known for its thriving tech scene, vibrant music and arts culture, and iconic attractions like the Texas State Capitol and 6th Street Entertainment District, makes it the perfect venue to showcase your brand to a diverse and influential audience.

that elevate

The Austin Convention Center offers an impressive 247,052 square feet of column-free exhibit space, 54 meeting rooms, and 5 ballrooms, providing ample space for exhibitions of various scales and types.
Exhibitors can effectively showcase products and services, facilitating seamless digital interactions and presentations by leveraging state-of-the-art AV systems, high-speed Wi-Fi, and advanced lighting solutions.


The ACC’s accessibility is exceptional. Conveniently situated just 7 miles from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and well-connected by public transit, ride-sharing services, and major highways like I-35, the venue ensures hassle-free access for domestic and international attendees.

All your exhibition needs

Craft an unforgettable exhibit at the Austin Convention Center with Booth Exhibits™. Our experts design immersive experiences that captivate your audience and resonate with the venue’s unique essence. Let us help you create an engaging and inspiring exhibition haven.
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